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Are You Registered to Vote?

Use this NC Board of Elections (BOE) tool to see if you are registered to vote. If you are registered, you can find out lots more info. Just click on your name and find, for example, where to vote (your precinct), your party registration, your voting jurisdictions, and voting history.

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NC Board of Elections
How/When to Register to Vote

You can now register to vote or change certain parts of your voter registration online, for free.

Existing DMV customers may register to vote, update their voter registration address, or update their party affiliation.

You can also register using NC Board of Elections (BOE) Voter Registration Form, which specifies all requirements for registering. You can obtain and submit this form at your local DMV, public library, high school, county Board of Elections, or a government social service office. Some organizations also sponsor voter registration drives at local festivals, schools, and other events.

Same Day Registration is offered at any early voting site during One-Stop Early Voting, but not on Election Day.

Note: The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is 25 days before the election. If you miss this deadline, you can still register in-person, but ONLY at One-Stop Early Voting.