Trilogy “Like minded folks” Event

Event  Sunday January 28, 2024

        Over 160 people attended our event in the Trilogy Event Center yesterday.

      Attendance was diminished slightly by 2 factors:

                 – COVID and other ailments are hitting us hard – be careful (and vaccinated) out there

                 – The NFL playoff game – [for future events, we will peruse sports schedules before choosing dates :-)]

        EVERYONE who attended was enthusiastic about the speakers and the positive feeling in the room.


                          MARY SHELTON

                              Chair, Lincoln County Democratic Party (LCDP)


                          DR. KIMBERLY HARDY

                             Second Vice Chair, NC Democratic Party (NCDP)

                             Assistant Professor of Social Work, Fayetteville State University


                          NATASHA MARCUS

                              NC State Senator from Mecklenburg County

                              Running for NC Commissioner of Insurance

                          JEFF JACKSON     

                            US Congressman from Charlotte, NC   

                            Former NC State Senator

                            Running for NC Attorney General

Please note Lincoln County Democratic Party does not endorse Primary Candidates