REDISTRICTING IN 2023. PUBLIC HEARING was September 26, 2023. in Hickory, NC

Catawba County was ONE of ONLY THREE places where the legislature is offering public comment on redistricting in 2023. Six members of the N.C> Senate were present in Hickory to hear residents share their thoughts on the redistricting process. Rep. Jeff NcNeely, Sen. Julie Mayfield, Sen. Ralph Hise, Rep. Becky Carney and Rep. Jay Adams were attentive, but offered no comments to the process nor the condemned practice of partisan gerrymandering. There were over 100 residents of North Carolina, coming from as far west as Transylvania County to east Mebane County to voice their concerns over the upcoming drawing of new legislative maps. (resource: “NC residents rip gerrymandering during redistricting hearing in Hickory”; Kevin Griffin, Hickory Daily Record Sept 27,2023)