In recognition of Black History Month, we were compelled to share an excerpt from the Biden Administration’s February 6, 2024 publication on achievements benefiting the African American Community and all Americans.  Quite impressive yet the WORD IS NOT GETTING OUT!

Here are some of the Highlights:

FACT SHEET: The Biden-Harris Administration Advances Equity and opoortunity for Black Americans and Communities Across the Country.  

Growing Economic Opportunity for Black Families and Communities: Through the President’s legislative victories, including

  • the American Rescue Plan (ARP)
  • the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)
  • the CHIPS and Science Act
  • the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • as well as the President’s historic executive orders on racial equity.

The Biden-Harris Administration is ensuring that federal investments through the President’s landmark Investing in America agenda are equitably flowing to communities to address longstanding economic inequities that impact people’s economic security, health, and safety.  And this vision is already delivering results:

  • Biden appointed the first Black Woman to the US Supreme Court.
  • He ran and won with the First Woman of Color as Vice President.
  • Powered a historic economic recovery that created 2.6 million jobs for Black workers and achieved both the lowest Black unemployment rate on record and the lowest gap between Black and White unemployment on record.
  • Helped Black working families build wealth. Black wealth is up by 60% relative to pre-pandemicThe largest increase on record!
  • Cut in half the number of Black children living in poverty in 2021 through ARP’s Child Tax Credit expansion. This expansion provided breathing room to the families of over 9 million Balack children.
  • Began reversing decades of infrastructure disinvestment, including $4 billion to reconnect communities that were previously cut off from economic opportunities by building needed transportation infrastructure in underserved communities, including Black communities.
  • Connected an estimated 5.5 million Black Households to affordable high-speed internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program, closing the digital divide for million of Black families.

This is just the Economic overview, there is so much more! 

Please read the entire publication and help us get the word out!