Strategic Plan




Introduction: This Strategic Plan has been developed in compliance with the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

Overview: Lincoln County, located in western North Carolina, encompasses 307 square miles and stretches from Lake Norman in the East to Highway 18 in the West. The county’s registration shows Democrats-14,587; Republicans-22,337, and Unaffiliated- 15,161, and Libertarians- 174. Of these registered citizens the racial makeup is 86.4 % Causcian, 6.9% Hispanic, 5.8% African American, 0.3 % Native American, 0.5% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander.

Lincoln County is part of the District 10, which consist of 10 Western North Carolina counties. The county has traditionally voted Republican in national and most state elections. Democrats here have been more successful in Lincolnton City partisan races.

Vision Statements: The Democratic Party maintains an ongoing commitment to freedom, equality, human rights, the democratic process, and responsible government. We Democrats in Lincoln County pledge to uphold and continue these ideals.

Also, we support:

  1. Economic opportunity and security for all citizens
  2. Equal rights regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical challenges
  3. Quality, affordable public education for each student
  4. Access to high quality, affordable health care for every citizen
  5. The men and women of our Armed Forces and our veterans
  6. The protection of our civil liberties
  7. A clean and safe natural environment

Mission: The mission of the Lincoln County Democratic Party is to support, help, and elect Democratic nominees for public office. By raising political awareness and by identifying, recruiting, and assisting qualified candidates who reflect the democratic party principles and ideals, we seek to achieve the following goals:


  1. Elect Democratic Members for Lincoln County Government
    A. Identify quality candidate
    B. Provide technical and financial support
    C. Provide a comprehensive candidate training program
    D. Provide assistance with ground support in each precinct
    E. Assist in voter education about the negatives of the Polices of current Republican Office holder
  2. Increase the number of Democratic members for the City of Lincolnton
    A. Identify quality candidate
    B. Provide leadership and candidate training
    C. Assist candidates with defining and refining issues
    D. Provide assistance with ground support in each precinct
    E. Assist candidates with ongoing media exposure
  3. Educate the county about the major changes in the Voter ID law
    A. Hold meetings within the county to educate voters
    B. Establish a county Speakers’ Bureau for sharing information
  4. Develop a Lincoln County Democratic brand that attracts unaffiliated voters
    A. Develop “People First” Issues showing the Democratic concern
    for the welfare of the county’s voters: health care, education,
    children, environment, seniors, voting rights, veterans. etc
    B. Preparing mailers to advocate the Democratic Brand
  5. Increase Democratic voter registration throughout the district
    A. Hold voter registration drives at various locations.
    B. Maintain registration tables at county/community events
    C. Canvass precincts to locate potential unregistered voters
    D. Identify and register potential Hispanic voters
    E. Identify and register potential African-American voters
  6. Increase voter turn-out for our Democratic candidates
    A. Provide a county workshop on Get-Out-the-Vote
    B. Train volunteers and party activists to use Vote Builder:
    phone calls, door-to-door walk sheets, etc.
  7. Increase the use of communication technology within the county
    A. Continue updating Facebook Page and Party’s website
    B. Assist Precincts with setting up FB pages
  8. Increase the participation of younger voters within the county
    A. Organize a Young Dems auxiliary in our county
    B Initiate a Teen Dems in each high school
  9. Create a more active participation among Party Members
    A. Organize a LC Democratic Men’s Club
    B. Organize an African American Caucus of LC
    C. Organize a Hispanic American Caucus of LC
    D. Establish a more Member friendly Regular Meeting
  10. Create more participation in Lincoln County Activities
    A. Create a LC Governmental Affairs Committee
    B. Note all LC activities on Party website
  11. Create a “Positive” image for the LC Democratic Party
    A. Create a Committee to plan and organize Community Activities
    B. Create a Public Relations Committee

Review, Approval, and Evaluation:

Approval, re-evaluation, and revision of this document will be done by the Lincoln County Executive Committee.

Lincoln County Officers:

Tommy Huskey, Chair
Lillian Richardson, 1st Vice Chair
And Lynn, 2nd Vice Chair
LaCheena Metts, 3rd Vice-Chair
Mary Francis White, Secretary
Patsy Black, Treasurer